Guy Laurent

Shepherd of Humanity, Being of Golconda, Former Prince and God Lord of Chicago


Apparent Age: 24
Hair/Eyes: Black/Green
Nationality: French
Height/Weight: 6’1", 185 lbs

After battling and defeating addiction and the curses of the evil group VII, Guy was found by Prince Jacques of Paris and set upon a more noble path. After some time in Chicago and a pilgrimage to India, Guy found what he was after and much more.

Guy of old was avant-garde incarnate. He is always dressed in outlandish style but in a way that uniquely works for him. He carries himself with a confidence and bearing that is clearly above others. Guy is known to break into impromptu at any time.

Guy has a French accent that tends to disappear during performances.

Guy was very carnal and not shy about taking off his clothes, which was often.

Guy and the Rabble: Kaylee Preston (kindred drummer); Ghouls: Ralph Darski (guitar); Todd McCaffrey (bass); Matt Ciarleglio (backup vocals)


Guy’s pride has led him many places and sometimes close to ruin. As a mortal, Guy gained some fame locally as a night club performer with a loyal following. Unfortunately Guy had also developed a coke habit that led him to start performing in some of the city’s more dangerous venues. That might have been the end for Guy but he was being watched a Daeva in the city, Justine, who later embraced him for his talent. Guy’s drug habit remained but many of the consequences did not, leading him to years of rampaging drug abuse. Guy initially continued to act only as a musician for his first several years but eventually began to attract the notice of others in the city, most notably an agent of Prince Maxwell, Junfan. Junfan and Guy went on to do much work for Maxwell before ultimately coming into conflict with him, leading Guy to surprisngly destroy him in a duel and take on the role of Prince himself Without an established power base other than help from Junfan and his other allies, Guy struggled to unify the city, but caused massive destruction in the process. Guy’s humanity was also being destroyed at the same high rate he collected power through diablerie.

Finally, Prince Jacques of Paris arrived in the city with a way out of the humanity tailspin. Guy then made a decision to change and started the road to recovery over drugs and walking an enlightened path. He would walk in the footsteps of Jacques.

Guy made much progress along his road while still in Chicago, changing the violent ways of the city and endowing a number of rebuilding projects. He contributed greatly to infrastructure, to the arts and to community centers.

Guy awakens early one evening. Before arising, he contemplates all he has been through in recent years. The constant violence, intrigue and machinations of those around him. A difficult environment for something beautiful to form, yet all of the things Guy has set in motion in recent months is bringing healing and hope to a battered city. A debt not yet repaid but a beginning.

With the Ventrue having mysteriously disappeared, it seems that no immediate threats have presented themselves. There are still those in the city not happy with his rule and he suspects even his friends have activities that do not fit his vision. Yet, Chicago has seen enough strife for right now and it needs a period of stability. While in the city, Guy knows he cannot overlook problems. He also knows that there is much he must learn to be a great shepherd of humanity and that those things are not so easily done in Chicago. It’s time for a pilgrimage. The strain of leading a city and the occasional outbreak of violence made it clear that if Guy were to succeed on this path he must leave Chicago in the capable hands of Justine, with oversight from le Conte Neville.

With a plan of succession in place, Guy booked a trip to Honolulu on the way to Bangalore. In Honolulu he enjoys the relaxed nature of both tourists and locals in the main city, and he ventures to the beaches where even the dark of night does not stop the mortals from making fires, song, and dance to celebrate life. Guy thinks he likes this place alot…Guy enjoyed the light and whimsical culture of Hawaii and would keep the place in mind for the future.

On to Bangalore, Guy arrives and mingles about for a bit. He acquires a sturdy Jeep of tan color to cross the desert, and he makes acquaintance with Aishwarya. He is infatuated with her beauty, playfulness, and deep wisdom provided by her culture, he feels worthy to travel.

Guy heads out with Aishwarya in the Jeep to the far north by traveling along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. There are many beautiful villages and temples along the way and Guy soaks it all in. Finally after two days he arrives at Calcutta, a city of larger significance. He spends some time here and soaks in the culture even more. From here he heads north to Kanpur where he crosses the Ganges and heads into the Himalaya Mountains. Following Jacques’ instructions, he heads to the small town of Gauri. Once there he finds a Temple to Kali, and within he meets a very old and wise Mekhet named Samirish. Samirish wants to purify Guy, which is a ritual in which you allow all of your blood to slowly drain away from you and just before torpor, he fills you with a strange elixer made of the blood of a slumbering kindred and many other odd additives that come from sources unknown. Guy agrees to this, and as he slips into torpor he is given the sweet elixer. He only enters the deep slumber of torpor for the remainder of the evening, but he dreams wild and vivid dreams. Dreams of ancient places and peoples, dreams of hope and change, all things seen in a positive light and exuberance he has not known for some time. When Guy awakens the next evening, he is presented with several young females to feed upon, they seem exhilerated by the experience. Thye seem to think Guy is some kind of messenger of Brahma. Guy then begins a pilgrimage of foot. he must hike into the mountains and follow only signs he can see. There are others going, priests or monks of some sort in rich robes of blue and orange. Guy travels up the rough mountain path, and from time to time sees strange glowing symbols of a pale blue light etched into the rocks at crossroads. After about 3 days of journeyl slumbering in caves provided, he crosses a mountain threshold and takes witness of Shambalah. The city is grand and beautiful, with spires and walls, strange designs upon the buildings, and waterfalls pouring forth ( ) . He is overwhelmed by it. Once within, he meets with a very old and powerful Nosferatu named Yashi. Yashi takes Guy to his chambers, and for the next several weeks spends much time with Yashi in trance, meditation, dance, breathing exercises, and deep discussions on the nature of Kindred, and the sheppard within. The beats is confronted in daily rituals, and soon Guy can supress the beast at times of feeding, during periods of the Predators taint, and during closeness to the fire pits in the main Temple. Finally Guy presents himself to the Great Master of Shamballa, The Brahma-Dahi. Guy sits with him and meditates and lets the Brahma-Dahi enter his mind. He can feel changes taking place, he can feel things being closed off and new avenues being opened. Finally when done, the Brahma-Dahi gives him a small vial with a blue fluid, he tells him that when he is ready, to give this vial to the one who took his first step for him and he will complete the process and Guy will be a sheppard (mechanics, achive Humanity 10 and give the vial to Jacques who will finish this). Guy makes his way back to Gauri and meets once again with Ashwarya. She is beautiful and exquisite. Guy actually travels back to Calcutta, and with her deep insights and wisdom, her love of adventure, her beautiful playing of the Sitar, believes for the moment he may have found a female equal, the other half of his soul…

Guy returns to Honolulu with Aishwarya and they together enjoy the beach festivities. Guy does during this time make the acquaintance of the local Harpy, Kaila, a very ambitious Ventrue of the Carthians. Kaila introduces Guy to Osamu, Prince of Hawaii. Osamu is a Japanese kindred of the Mekhet Clan, though he manifests strange powers to influence the minds of others without means of Auspex, some different method. However, Osamu enjoys the company of Guy and stories of the Chicago Nights. As the nights move on, Guy and Aishwarya grow closer and closer. Together they travel to Paris and Guy spends some time with Jacques. Guy shares his journey to Shamballa and Jacques is most pleased. Finally a more difficult subject comes about, the future of Aishwarya. Jacques revleals that she has spent the last few Paris nights with one of his allies, a Daeva named Anabella. As per the request of Aishwarya, Anabella has embraced her and brought her into the Daeva clan. Jacques says it is not the most encouraging of news, but it was the will of Aishwarya to spend eternity with you. From there Guy journies across Europe, appearing in various cities playing music for small audiences who enjoy his vast and profound talents. He soaks in the life, soaks in the humanity. For the first time ever, his undead eyes see more than intricate detail, they see the purpose of Existence itself. It is in the small moments when worry gives way to pleasure and enjoyment, in the moments when two lovers throw all responsibilty aside and frolic in the moment, when people walk down the street with subtle grins and greet strangers as though close friends in but a brief passing moment. And for the first time, Guy understands how his very presence, with subtle use of his power, can turn inconsequantial moments into situations of great release and happiness. He sees now what the Sheppard really is…

It is a bittersweet moment for Guy when Aishwarya takes the embrace knowing what it means to contain the Beast. It is clear to Guy that he must make Aishwarya his first disciple in addition to his companion for eternity. Even more clear is the affect his power can have in such a positive way to shepherd humanity. Since Guy is already in Paris, he will spend time meditating and also speaking with Jacques as to how to help Aishwarya take the first steps of her journey. It will not be easy but it will be rewarding. Guy takes great pleasure that his path of responsibility is something which he can enjoy and delight in for all time. Once Guy accomplishes, he will journey to each of his 3 childer in different countries and spend what time is needed to help them find their way. If any or all wish to become disciples, he will bring them and if they wish to go their own way, he will provide a healthy start to carving their own way.

Having established a strong flock in Honolulu, Guy sets to work on his music once again. The rush of the “old days” filled him but this time the music would have a different message: the hidden desire to reach golconda. Guy must now travel the world spreading his message. Eventually this must circle back to Chicago. What will he find there?

Guy Laurent

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