Chicago by Night, Vampires Lords of the Rack

And then they withdrew...

Guy was busy preparing to woo Max Maurey and Sylvia, while Justine and Tobias worked adamantly to set up a secret Elysium for those in positions of authority. Junfan met with the kindred that would be called upon should war arise. In the midst of this, meeting requests were made with Augustus and Vorador, a tactic to stall them. Their main and most important ghoul, Rahm Emanuel was brought down in a swarm of contraversy. And then, inexplicably, the bodyguards and servants of the Ventrue fled the city. Persephone reports that all forces withdrew from her home. In deeper investigations Vincente, the Conte Novale, reports that Vorador has not returned to his home in Washington DC, nor has Augustus returned to his Italian Estates. Its as though they just disappeared. This is a mystery that may never be solved…

Persephone s house

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

Guy and Junfan have noticed a lot of strange activity amongst the Ventrue of the city. Persephone has allowed her house to be overrun with Ventrue from Washington DC, and this seems to include the placement of Rahm Emanuel as the new Mayor of Chicago.

With some research, Junfan was able to detect that very poweful kindred had indeed arrived in droves. In attempt to unravel the truth from Persephone, she revealed that she was bullied into this by 2 kindred in particular, Vorador and Augustus. Both claim the most ancient of origins. In agreement to a meeting, Guy and Junfan, along with a Ventrue assistant from Prince Jacques, learn of a compact called the “Six Stone Promise”. This most ancient agreement pledges 6 cities of American under permanent Ventrue Rule, Chicago among them. In a peaceful manner Augustus asks Guy to abdicate the throne so that the Ventrue may rule by right.

Guy and Junfan are given 3 nights to ponder this…

In an impromptu meeting with the Primogen and the Covenant Committee, it is learned that 5 new Ventrue have entered the city and are asking formal presentation. They are:
Sheldon Rogers, Mary Wiggins, Jack Parsons, Anderson Shepter, & Mikhail Bivens.

Meanwhile the agents of Guy and Junfan have begun to infiltrate the city of Seattle, a rich city that can provide valuable resources and technological edge. Liaision John Mayer has kept the line of communication open between West and Central USA.

Please provide 3 to 5 actions that you would like to take, they may be independent or unified. Unified actions will earn more XP then independent actions. You may also take 3 secret actions that are for personal goals.


The Six Stone Promise, Ventrue redeemed

Guy and Junfan have ruled the city for some time, however a powerful Ventrue claiming to be Augustus Caesar has rolled into town claiming that an ancient compact called the “Six Stone Promise” has offered the Ventrue 6 major cities in Chicago. As such Guy and Junfan have been asked to abdicate their false claim to the throne of rulership and allow a new Ventrue Prince to assume leadership.



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