The Carbonari

formed from the ashes of the Camarilla


There was a dream long ago that the kindred could live amongst humanity in the shadows, and find purpose in their existence. This group formed by Julius Senex of clan Julii was called the Camarilla. In Rome, the group was filled with anymosity and constant assassinations and coups. It died as Rome fell. In the last 100 years, fragements of the ancient Camarilla have been found, and some elder kindred have pledged to the purposes of its guiding light. Though the 4 wings of the Camarilla can not be ressurected due to the influences of the Covenants, its principles can still live in. Kindred have the power to be at peace and quell war, a uniting governing body can act as mediator to avoid conflict, and the 6 traditions can save kindred from the dangerous minds of humans. The Carbonari is ruled out of Prague, and is led by the Prince Vladamir Reinhardt of Bhudapest.


The Carbonari

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