Vorador Malfeasanse'

Ventrue Prince of Washington DC


Vorador is a very dark and brooding kindred. In fact it is said he may be the most frightening of all Ventrue in America. He also is extremely power hungry and ambitious, and he always surrounds himself with wealth and success.



Vorador was an immigrant to NYC from Eastern Hungary. He was ambitious and built a wealthy empire bringing people to America from overseas and getting them set-up. As time progressed, he became one of the Robber Barons of America, at which point he was embraced by a Ventrue named Orthall. Vorador then travelled the world as a companion to Orthall, until Vorador finally diablerized his sire and then returned to Washington DC to set up shop and build power by Bonding the top shadow masters of DC.

Vorador Malfeasanse'

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