Vincente de Galliardo

The Conte Novale, Seneschal of Montreal


Vincente appears as if from North Italy, though he dresses very lavishly and dapper as most French-Canadians with mass cash do. He is not often seen without his entourage of disciples that hang on his every world, though is he is soft spoken and wise beyond his many kindred years.


Vincente is a product of the Rennaisance of Florence. He claims to have been great friends with Niccolo Machiavelli which is why he has fared so well in the dark undercurrents of Kindred Society. He was embraced by a powerful kindred named Rinaldi di Corsica. Vincente tells few what his clan lineage is, though it is thought he he either Ventrue or Daeva, and some have speculated he is in fact Mekhet. He moved across Eurpoe after his embrace and eventually settled in Paris with its enlightened kindred culture. This is where he befriended and studied under Prince Jacques. It is believed he is a prominent member of the Carbonari, and may possibly be studying the path of Golconda. Vincente moved to Montreal, and quickly took over the region, placing who he chose in power to make a peaceful and secure region. His latest projects saw him trying to tame Chicago and Detroit. Due to his vast influence over the Great Lakes Region, many kindred call him the Conte Novale (French for Count of the Lakes).

Vincente de Galliardo

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