Disciple and Companion of Guy Laurent


Clan: Daeva
Height/Weight: 5’6", 115 lbs
Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown
Apparent Age: 32


Aishwarya’s life changed when she became his tour guide of India in 2012. In her travels with Guy she discovered his true nature but also his true spirit and would decide to accompany him for all time. She traveled all through India on the journey of enlightenment.

With Guy, she returns to Honolulu with Aishwarya and they together enjoy the beach festivities. Guy does during this time make the acquaintance of the local Harpy, Kaila, a very ambitious Ventrue of the Carthians. Kaila introduces Guy to Osamu, Prince of Hawaii. Osamu is a Japanese kindred of the Mekhet Clan, though he manifests strange powers to influence the minds of others without means of Auspex, some different method. However, Osamu enjoys the company of Guy and stories of the Chicago Nights. As the nights move on, Guy and Aishwarya grow closer and closer. Together they travel to Paris and Guy spends some time with Jacques. Guy shares his journey to Shamballa and Jacques is most pleased. Finally a more difficult subject comes about, the future of Aishwarya. Jacques revleals that she has spent the last few Paris nights with one of his allies, a Daeva named Anabella. As per the request of Aishwarya, Anabella has embraced her and brought her into the Daeva clan. Jacques says it is not the most encouraging of news, but it was the will of Aishwarya to spend eternity with you. From there Guy journies across Europe, appearing in various cities playing music for small audiences who enjoy his vast and profound talents. He soaks in the life, soaks in the humanity. For the first time ever, his undead eyes see more than intricate detail, they see the purpose of Existence itself. It is in the small moments when worry gives way to pleasure and enjoyment, in the moments when two lovers throw all responsibilty aside and frolic in the moment, when people walk down the street with subtle grins and greet strangers as though close friends in but a brief passing moment. And for the first time, Guy understands how his very presence, with subtle use of his power, can turn inconsequantial moments into situations of great release and happiness. Guy sees now what the Sheppard really is…


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