Chicago by Night, Vampires Lords of the Rack

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

Guy and Junfan have noticed a lot of strange activity amongst the Ventrue of the city. Persephone has allowed her house to be overrun with Ventrue from Washington DC, and this seems to include the placement of Rahm Emanuel as the new Mayor of Chicago.

With some research, Junfan was able to detect that very poweful kindred had indeed arrived in droves. In attempt to unravel the truth from Persephone, she revealed that she was bullied into this by 2 kindred in particular, Vorador and Augustus. Both claim the most ancient of origins. In agreement to a meeting, Guy and Junfan, along with a Ventrue assistant from Prince Jacques, learn of a compact called the “Six Stone Promise”. This most ancient agreement pledges 6 cities of American under permanent Ventrue Rule, Chicago among them. In a peaceful manner Augustus asks Guy to abdicate the throne so that the Ventrue may rule by right.

Guy and Junfan are given 3 nights to ponder this…

In an impromptu meeting with the Primogen and the Covenant Committee, it is learned that 5 new Ventrue have entered the city and are asking formal presentation. They are:
Sheldon Rogers, Mary Wiggins, Jack Parsons, Anderson Shepter, & Mikhail Bivens.

Meanwhile the agents of Guy and Junfan have begun to infiltrate the city of Seattle, a rich city that can provide valuable resources and technological edge. Liaision John Mayer has kept the line of communication open between West and Central USA.

Please provide 3 to 5 actions that you would like to take, they may be independent or unified. Unified actions will earn more XP then independent actions. You may also take 3 secret actions that are for personal goals.



Guy and Junfan should definitely hasten the intel stage and meet on the results in no later than two night’s time to discuss a plan of action. Guy will also request the counsel of Jacques, Le Conte Neville and other contacts which may be useful.

Guy had also “activated” his asset (lawyer) to review the merits and possibilities of an agreement between parties that seems no longer relevant, adverse possession from their failure to defend their claim and other potential loopholes from a legal standpoint which might give beings like Ventrue pause.

Finally, Guy and Junfan should decide whether to remove Rahm from power either through exposing some secret of his which could compromise his authority via PR or legal means. This would require using a hacker and perhaps other resources to dig up dirt. Failing that, it may be necessary to remove Rahm in a physical (though not harmful manner), but that is a last resort.

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

Having heard back that these Ventrue are not whom they claim to be, it has been requested that we stall the Ventrue until proof can be brought forth.

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

Prince Guy:

I have already covertly begun gathering intelligence on Vorador and Augustus… They both have high levels of Dominate and Possess their ghouls so that they may operate in day time. I suggest taking the appropriate measures to defend your haven during the day. They have considerable resources, and several Gangrel and Nosferatu cohorts. In the mean time, I suggest we prepare for war. I have made preperations on my end, but I believe Max Maurey and Silvia Raines have not picked a side yet. Maybe you can convince them it would be in their best interests to help us? What are your intentions for dealing with Vorador and Augustus? What are you willing to do, and what are you not willing to do? Perhaps you should schedule a private Elysium with the elders ofthe city?

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

Junfan, that is some amazing recon work as usual. All of those ideas are good, I will certainly take every defensive measure and have sent my new childe around the world to perform errands and operate in safety.

An Elysium is certainly an important option and should happen one day before their deadline, so I will have our Harpy make it so.

I have been told by Le Conte Neville that these Ventrue are not who they claim, which could be a strong violation of protocol. They request that we delay them so that action may be taken. I am hoping this action will be a strong example from such a powerful group.

If we must defend the city, I will do everything in my power to help. I would strongly prefer capture when possible but if they force a choice between our existence and theirs then that is their doing, not ours.

I will be interested to see what we can dig up on Rahm as they would be crippled in the mortal world without him. Many of the other influential players are under our sway.

I will immediately contact Max and Silvia and try to gain their assistance. If necessary I will divulge that we are dealing with imposters but would prefer not to do that until the time is ripe.

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

Excellent my Prince,

I will continue to cultivate intelligence, allies, and resources for war if it should go that route.

I also think it is time to deal with Rahm. Augustus has little in the way of allies within the city, so attacking their finances and supply lines is a good strategy. Might I suggest a scandle that includes Rahm and any of his successors that are not currently under our influence? Perhaps your hacker and my hacker could work out an angle to show that Rahm has been funding the Nightsiders of Hamas? I can utilize my underworld contacts to help facilitate this, and maybe we can even condition a few people as witnesses…

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

Junfan, I agree that Rahm is a huge thorn in the side of our city. If our hackers cannot find a legitimate wrong-doing on his part, however, I would hesitate to frame him due to the moral implications. Fortunately I feel quite sure that our Ventrue friends are involved in numerous unsavory activities and Rahm can be linked to them. What can your underworld contact tell us about their dealings that are less than legitmate?

One other option involves my child in Seattle. He is a member of a bloodline that has the abilities to break blood bonds. While he may not be able to do so himself as of yet, he probably knows someone in the bloodline who could be of assistant. Rahm could then be secret re-bonded to our own ends. This plan has the advantage of not being an obvious attack on their assets as it could be undetectable and would give us a “mole” on the inside.

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

So you both put the hackers to work and all of the sudden CNN breaking news, Rahm Emanuel and his staff involved in a Child Porn Ring trafficking dirty images from young boys across the globe. Investigators find official NAMBLA papers for Emanuel and his deputy mayor Stephen Powders. Rahm holds a press conference and says he will fight the allegations and they are untrue. His top aid, Mindi Jones comes forward and states she saw Rahm with a young boy and has a picture. The FBI traces the picture back to an unnamed victim that lives in Chicago and they find and interview him. People are asking for Rahm’s hide and he is forced to resign.

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

Junfan, that is sad news for Rahm, but since I control Deputy Mayor Lisa Morrison, that gives us a better hand to play. Can you help me ensure that she remains safe? We’ll also have to use one of our hackers in a defensive posture for her.

A time of decisions, 3/1/12

excellent planning, extra 3XP

A time of decisions, 3/1/12
lordbaccus lordbaccus

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